In just about every kitchen design we’ve done at the FCA the range hood always becomes a challenge. Often times you’re left with the two extremes of making the hood a major focal point of the room or hiding it behind casework and paneling. While both of these can make for some beautiful designs, it does serve as a limiting factor to the kitchen layout (namely that it must sit 24″-36″ inches above the cooktop and requires duct work to take the exhaust air out of the space). Limits often lead to a creative design, however sometimes it is fun to use a product that lets you skirt some of the typical rules and create something new.

Faber Ventilation is going to be releasing a new product this fall called the “Pareo” which has the ability of retracting up to the ceiling  (one third its full height) when not in use. When retracted, it simply becomes an LED light fixture. This gives the unique ability to do things like place the cooktop on an island (shown above) without permanently blocking your view to someone on the other side. For someone who loves to entertain and chat while they cook, this is a perfect match.


Looking at its spec’s, the Pareo can move between 390 and 880 cubic feet of air per minute (between its low, medium, high & “boost” settings). This is more than adequate for any electric cooktop and just about any residential-size gas range. What’s most impressive though is how quiet it is. On its low setting it makes less noise than a typical refrigerator does while running (49 db) and at the “boost” setting it’s still only as loud as a vacuum cleaner (68 db). It also has an available “silent kit” optional add-on which is noted as being able to reduce sound by up to 25 percent.

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