Technical Consultation

Full Circle Architects specializes in providing comprehensive architectural guidance and technical consultation for condominium and community associations, management companies, and real estate corporations. As highlighted below, Full Circle Architects’ range of service includes assisting with capital improvements, generating engineering reports and reserve studies, providing unit owner plan reviews, developing construction rules, and providing building inspections. Let us put our experience and insight to work for you and assist you in achieving optimal value for your property.

Download a print-friendly version of our available services & condominium references. 

Capital Improvements

Architecture/Interior Design
Remodeling of Lobby, Corridors, Meeting Room, Fitness Room, etc.

Infrastructure Improvements
Repairs and/or replacements of existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and security systems.

Facade Improvements
Repair and/or replacement of exterior fenestration, balconies, decorative elements, and major building components.

Design for Infection Control
Remodeling of building common area to better adapt to a post pandemic world. Creating safer and healthier environments. To learn more about these services you can read more HERE.

Highrise Exterior Facade Examinations

(For Chicago buildings over 80 feet high.)

Ongoing Maintenance and Repair Program
Visual inspection of the building’s exterior with a City-required report.

Critical Examination Report
Hands-on examination, repair, and maintenance recommendations, and a detailed City-required report with photographs and drawings.

Drone Inspection Services
Close-up visual inspections without the need for scaffolding. Hard to reach areas are now accessible via our drone inspection services.

Engineering & Transition Reports

General Property Examination
Review of all interior common areas, site, and exterior construction.

Unit Owner Questionnaire
Provide a questionnaire to evaluate the overall condition of limited common areas within the building. Information obtained from this questionnaire will be used by the owner(s) to address common concerns and plan future improvements.

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Systems (MEP) Evaluation
General review of MEP construction in common and limited common areas. Includes interviews with the Chief Engineer and maintenance companies. Upon request, we can provide a detailed review or address a specific concern with the assistance of a special MEP engineering consultant or contractor.

Conveyance System Evaluation (Elevators)
General review of elevator construction in common areas. Upon request, we can provide a detailed review or address a specific concern with the assistance of a special elevator consultant.

Curtain Wall (Engineered Exterior Skin) Evaluation
General review of an engineered wall system. Upon request, we can provide a detailed review, “peer” review, or address a specific concern with the assistance of a special wall systems consultant.

Review Association and Management Files
Review documents to evaluate the potential for replacements and repairs. Focus on patterns of complaints.

General Report
Provide comments and recommendations. The Report shall include Life/Safety, Construction Quality, and Design Quality issues. Life/Safety issues will have the non-compliance reference numbers from the governing building code. Major Construction Quality issues will have non-compliance references from the related trade publications. All photographs will be copied on a computer disc (or similar format) for ease of viewing and distribution.

List of Extraordinary Repairs
Provide a list of outstanding items requiring replacement, repair, or completion. Additional information can be added, such as priorities, trade responsible for the work, and approximate costs.

Reserve Studies

(Full or partial Engineering Report required prior to starting a Reserve Study.)

Estimating Services
Provide general estimating services for the repair and/or replacement of the property’s main elements. Includes providing preliminary estimates for upcoming major repair projects.

Special Estimating Services
Solicit preliminary estimates from contractors to address specific concerns (e.g., repair/replacement of masonry, concrete, roofing, etc.).

Expense and Funding Analysis
Review property and management financial reports, consult with the Association Treasurer and/or Finance Committee, provide a Useful Life and Replacement Schedule, and provide an Annual Expense Schedule for the next 20 years.

Reserve Options
Provide Annual Expense Schedules with different contribution paths for Client evaluation.

Construction Rules & Unit Reviews

Construction Rules
Update existing or develop new remodeling rules for Unit Owner improvements.

Unit Reviews
Review Unit Owner construction documents and provide site visits to review Unit Owner construction.

Green Services

Green Improvements
Provide options for making the property more energy efficient, healthy, and environmentally friendly. Evaluate sustainable options with regard to terms of technical viability and potential long-term savings. Provide a long-term Green improvement program in which sustainable improvements are established. Assist with construction and implementation of said improvements.

Green Reserve Studies
Provide a 20-year capital improvement plan incorporating reasonable sustainable strategies over a realistic time frame. We will include an analysis of green reserve expenses as well as related green operation savings.

Green Construction Rules
Create a rider or update existing remodeling rules to include options for owners to improve the energy efficiency of their apartment, reduce water usage, and improve indoor air quality. Following these guidelines to improve the common areas will create a more livable and valuable property over time.

Life Safety Improvements

Assistance with evaluations and improvements to meet municipal requirements.