Single Family Residence

This single-family residence blends the look of an English country estate with the amenities of a contemporary lifestyle. It was placed on its wooded site in such a way as to save as many trees as possible. All of the trees cut down were salvaged and repurposed; they remain an active part of the property as the family’s new custom-built kitchen furniture.

Full Circle Architects received two awards for the design of this home, for “Outstanding Architectural Design” and “Outstanding Design in New Construction”.

Commercial Micro-Market

Full Circle Architects took a long-abandoned grocery store in this downtown condominium high-rise and repurposed it into multiple amenities: a self-serve micro-market, a kid’s playroom, and additional storage lockers.

Quickly becoming a favorite of the building’s residents, this successful market allows shoppers to select their items and check out effortlessly without the need of a staff person. It was partially funded by a grant from the State and is run and restocked by sight impaired operators; it has been a win-win project for all involved.

Single Family Renovation

Full Circle Architects was more than happy to assist in the interior renovations to this single-family house. We were able to modify the building’s structure in order to remove some interior walls and move a stair. This opened the formerly closed off kitchen to create a beautiful great room where cooking, dining, and socializing can be shared and enjoyed seamlessly. In addition to this, we also renovated the bathrooms and primary bedroom.

High-Rise Residence

This high-rise residence was designed for the Owner of a tea company. Two condominium units were combined to afford ample entertainment space and family living areas. The details throughout the residence have an Asian influence and create a “Zen-like” atmosphere. Some of the special features include a water wall at the entrance, tea room for tastings, and special lighting with ceiling treatments to enhance the spatial differences in each area.


This Spa was the first in the State to combine spa services with an area to serve liquor. We created a unique environment where Clients can be pampered with spa services while enjoying their favorite cocktails. The design allowed Clients to flow easily around a central reception/serving area and then retreat to the private salon, massage, steam, and dressing rooms

Building Restoration

We have restored numerous exterior facades, roofs, and interior areas of multi-family buildings. Full Circle is ready to assist you from the initial inspections, to determining repair methods, and through the permitting and construction processes. Our high-level of technical expertise and service is renowned, allowing us to receive the complete trust of our previous clients and develop an extensive referral base.  Many of our Clients have been using our services repeatedly for the last 15-20 years.

For more information on the services we offer, visit our “Technical Consultation” page.

Single-Family Home

This lakeside single-family residence required extensive demolition and rebuilding of the structure due to the poor original construction and circulation pattern.  The home’s infrastructure was rebuilt and the interior reconfigured to meet the needs of the residents’ lifestyles.  An elevator was added to allow the Owner to “age in place.” Additionally, the original boat house on the beach was replaced to allow this active family their own recreational facility several hundred feet below the main house on the bluff.

~ Corporate Headquarters ~

This corporate office, in a very rectilinear and inexpensive exterior envelope, blossoms as you enter. The interior spaces are dramatic with two-story overlooks and curved circulation halls.  The creativity shown on the interior is totally unexpected (when viewed from the exterior) and is in line with the company’s philosophy: standard business on the exterior with something very special inside.

Jewelry Store

This jewelry store was designed to enhance the experience of shopping and highlight the many different types of jewelry on display.  The circulation pattern allows easy flow throughout the space.  The different heights and lighting levels in the display boxes allows better product viewing. The separation of areas and special seating allows customers to stop and comfortably relax during presentations of the jewelry.  We also incorporated a special viewing area where customers could see their jewelry being sized/modified and custom jewelry being created.