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Custom Wood Furniture

Each piece of furniture is a collaboration of three groups; our architectural design team, our fabrications/carpenters, and you. Working together, we create a one-of-a-kind product made to fit your aesthetic, lifestyle, and unique needs. Our wood slabs are custom cut to order, giving you the power not only to pick the wood species/finish of your furniture, but to choose the exact piece you prefer among the diverse array of unique bends and unrepeatable character available from any log in our lumber yard.

Ethically Harvested Woods

We collaborate with woodland stewards and municipalities local to our sawmill and fabrication shop in northeastern Missouri. Our wood is harvested following local Forest Management Plans or salvaged ethically.

Highest Quality Fabrication

Since we control the entire process from the initial tree felling to final fabrication, we are able to grade our lumber to National Hardwood Lumber Association standards. Using these gradings, we are able to use “Clear” lumber (when maximum strength/regularity in the wood is desired) and “Character Wood” (which has unique curves and grain patterns) in concert with one another to produce designs which emphasize the flowing & natural spirit of the wood while also being built to last for generations.

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