Antimicrobial Paint“PAINT SHIELD” By Sherwin-Williams


This year Sherwin-Williams has rolled out a very interesting new product they’re calling “Paint Shield,” which is EPA certified to kill 99.9% of bacteria (which includes E. coli, Staph, & MRSA) within two hours of its presence on the paint’s surface. This antimicrobial protection is also claimed to last for approximately 4 years given normal wear and tear. It is also applied just like standard paint, needing no special tools or processes; making it a simple upgrade for a room. The technology behind this blows away the more typical “mold inhibiting” additives to paint that are available which can only provide a mild defense against mold and no bacterial killing properties.

The applications range from home use in bathrooms, kitchens and babb’s rooms to the more commercial uses in hospitals, resteraunts and other public places where cleanlieness is key. This appears to be a great tool to improve health and wellbeing in your home while having some piece of mind that you’re keeping things a little safer with minimal additional effort

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