By: Full Circle Architects This English Country style residence sits on a five acre wooded property. In order to have a presence on this large lot and not build an excessively large home, we created a residence with a large wingspan. The true living areas being centered between the smaller garage and pool wings. There is a concave curvature to the front façade that welcomes [...]

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Condominium Canopy

Lately in the office we've been working on a design for a condominium in the Lake View neighborhood which incorporates a trellis to let native flowering vines provide shade in the summer as the plants climb up the canopy and allow sunlight through during the cold winter days for the tenants as they enter and leave their homes. The night-time view shows off some of the [...]

By |2016-06-02T09:49:40-05:00June 2, 2016|FCA Design Projects|

Hawthorn Woods Project

In the FCA office we've been developing a design for an addition to a residence in Hawthorn Woods. The primary challenge with this project was incorporating a two-story addition into the existing one-story house that still felt true to the current home's design. Modeling our designs in 3-D was absolutely crucial to this process. Our final design incorporates an infinity-edge spa which overflows into the pond-shaped pool, a [...]

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